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Course review : Stunning Holiday Pictures

We are the 9th June 2012 8h00 in the morning. Today I will help my buddy Bert Stephani with the “Stunning Holiday Pictures workshop”.
This to give the “students” an even more personal coaching and tips & tricks.

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The making of the #30303030 picture

I’m already thinking about a crazy lightpainting project for quite some time and Filip from will be my victim in crime. On a dark Friday evening we were both home alone and what do photographers do when they are free? Yes indeed, we go photographing. What else should we do right? So we met… Read More

Advanced Speedlight Portrait Techniques 2

Advanced speedlight techniques with Bert Stephani and Stijn Vandenbussche 17 November 2011 You got the basic speedlight techniques pretty well in your finger ? With one flash you get what you want but you want that little extra puch in your pictures. Using snoots,grid’s or multiple flash is on your mind ?  If so, the… Read More

Use Pocketwizard TT1/TT5 on non Canon/Nikon camera’s

Ask for a reliable brand of flash triggers and most photographers will tell you Pocketwizard and 2 or 3 other brands. If we add TTL they will tell you Pocketwizard. Ask for the best camera brand and you get a thousand answers. Mine is , every camera has his purpose and every brand has his… Read More