Use Pocketwizard TT1/TT5 on non Canon/Nikon camera’s

Ask for a reliable brand of flash triggers and most photographers will tell you Pocketwizard and 2 or 3 other brands. If we add TTL they will tell you Pocketwizard.
Ask for the best camera brand and you get a thousand answers. Mine is , every camera has his purpose and every brand has his advantages/disadvantages. 

So lets go for pocketwizard TT1/TT5 and every camera with a hotshoe combination.
Yes yes the combination. How do we do trigger our flash with; lets say a panasonic GF1 ? Check the printscreens I made for some fellow photographers below.

Step 1 : configure the TT1

C1 is my TTL channel. C2 is my ‘other brand’ setting.
Connect your TT1 to your computer.
Go to “Settings” and then the “configuration C2”-tab and select “basic trigger”  modus.


Step 2

check the channel

Step 3

Connect your TT5 to your computer.
Go to the “settings” and then the “configuration C2”-tab
Put in on “Basic trigger”modus.

Step 4

Check that the number of your “Receive” channel is on the same setting as your TT1

 Step 5

 Go play around with your camera and speedlight.

Remember this : TTL will not work so put your speedlight on manual or any other non-TTL modus.

Problems : leave a post or send me a mail. I will be happy to help you out.