A fun shoot with Harsh light

Yep , a fun-shoot. Something we all do to little. Isn’t it. At least I am.
So now that the wedding season for me as mainly being a wedding-photographer is almost over exact for one super duper bombshell of a wedding to close the year that I will shoot together with Bert Stephani, it was time again to move my ass away from my post-processing chair and go for it. This time something I normally never do : A portrait shoot.
A real portrait shoot, one  with a model(she doesn’t like that word) was something almost totally  strange for me. Planned many before but real clients f*cked up my plans most of the time (means money is earned wOOt wOOt).

Goal : manual flash (no-ttl) , no  standard settings and harsh light.
Yeaa harsh light and/or full of contrast. Not the standard soft ,big light softbox umbrella styled whatever you use lights. Bare flash even with a snoot.

Why ? because my “model” wanted it according the sample picture she had send to me and I  personally like it.
For the technical part : all pictures with 1 snooted flash with a CTO.

Firtst picture is the picture “straight out of camera” No softening or whatever. The idea of the skin being very soft is due to the CTO on the snooted flash. The “orange”  look gives  a softening effect.

Second picture same as above but with some color-shifting .

For the the last one in this setting we added a little hair-light.

My conclusion : there is a reason why umbrellas, softboxes and that stuff exist. It’s easier for taking safe pictures. On the other hand it is also possible without all that stuff.
I like the harsh light but it needs improvement.
The most important thing is that we both liked it, we had a great time and I picked up some ideas for the next wedding season.