H2H @ Gentse Feesten

Pictures and video below.

Everywhere Hard 2 Handle goes, it’s partytime but @ the “groentemarkt” @ the Gentse Feesten, it is always something special.
A small place surrounded with historic buildings gives a special atmosphere. Put the energy of H2H and there non stopping “your legs will move” vibe together and you get a hell of a party.

This year, they have a new female member (after the 2 female vocals left the group). We have to admit : she has a voice that gives just that little extra.

For all the people that missed the performance last Monday. Monday the 25th at 23h30 they will close the gentsefeesten @ groentemarkt. Needles to say more !

So how was it last Monday :
Except from the 2 electrical failures (what initiated a live karaoke and magical drum solo) it was as expected : Party with big P. Even directly after the electrical failures,your legs were instantly moving again.Respect for that.The totally renewed set-list can now compete with Les truttes and The magical flying thunderbirds. again : Needles to say more.

Tip for the organization :

  • fire the sound technician and light technician because they suck big time.
  • put more light in front. When the artists are standing on the edge of the stage, they are in total darkness.
  • The light in front is to much “spot” style. The guitarist and bass player had to stay at one position to have some light on them. hmmm that doesn’t work for a dynamic group does it ?

Below some pictures and video