Course review : Stunning Holiday Pictures

We are the 9th June 2012 8h00 in the morning. Today I will help my buddy Bert Stephani with the “Stunning Holiday Pictures workshop”.
This to give the “students” an even more personal coaching and tips & tricks.
As you can probably guess , it’s a workshop for people who are not that into photography as we both are but are willing to invest a little bit of there time to improve there skills and capture better pictures.

What did Bert and I need ? A big cup of coffee our humor and experience. What did they need ? A camera that -ideal- is able to be set in manual mode there full attention for all the practical information they were getting but even more important the eyes to look around in this magnificent place we are living in.

The course treats the basic photography skills as there are : aperture and shutter speed up to composition and special specific how to? questions.

Interested in a course ? contact me or Bert Stephani