D is the buzz that goes around these days- Nikon D600


Technical details are around the web more then enough. Pixelpeeping and countless amounts of numbers are also more then enough for you to find everywhere.
What you get is my feeling and honest opinion. The drinks and food we got at the presentation will not make meinfluential. All thought that pink cocktails was a little bit gay but hmmm tasty !

    Is the D600 the new hipster around ?

Well lets say he’s different then all previous pro-sumer camera’s. Yes pro-sumer is what I call them. The “entry” level camera’s between the pro camera(D700/D3/D4/D800E) and the consumer dslr cameras(D3000/D4000/…).
As of today I clearly have to change my definition. The D600 is one on his own. He’s creating his own ballpark. It’s not the next D300s and not the next D700 or is it both of them in one camera ?

Well for me it is both of them. It is more then the D300’s in pixels ( dow e still care?) and it has the full size sensor of the D700, so it’s a full frame as we call it. It’s light weighted and it it still fits like a glove in my hands. (no royalty’s for that one-liner).

So lets go ?It’s perfect right ? hmmm

There are some functions that are not available or some buttons that are “missing” in comparison with the D700 but nothing that can not be solved or to worry about. Most of the things missing, you will not notice because probably you will not using them.

Would I use it as my first camera on a job? Maybe.
Will I be the happiest person on earth when they gave me a D600 if my own camera is broken ? O yea I would !
I’m one hunderd procent convinced that I can do all the jobs I’m doing at the moment with the D600.
Will I buy it ? As from a professional point of view I wouldn’t. Not because it’s not good but because my clients ( the fashion.commercial photography part) thinks that I need the highest level camera to do the job and not one that almost everyone can buy.( A D800E is not for sale in every store). I personal do not agree with that statement but at the moment I’m not willing to take the risk to lose a job due to that.

When my backup Nikon D300s breaks down it will probably be replaced with a Nikon D600. When my D700 breaks down it will be replaced with… that is yet to be decided because choosing between D4 and D800E is like choosing between Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss. Two beauties but so different and the Nikon D600 is not a super model but a nice model. The x-pro-1 not taken in account yet (it looks professional and most clients will not have a clue that it is not a “real” DSLR). That last one is the black sheep but it is so….

My advise : If you are really into photography or a professional that doesn’t care what the client thinks about your equipment. Go for it.

A full frame , weather resistant, iso levels and pixels that are in balance , what do you want more ?