Carnival of Venice Part 1

Waar een foto van een prachtig Venetiaans masker al niet kan doen. 15 minuten na deze te bekijken was mijn vliegticket en hotel geboekt.

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Carnival of Venice here I come.As being grown up in Aalst (the city of carnival in belgium and recognized by Unesco) it’s a big no to go on holliday the same period of our carnival.

But hell tradition lets go for some other tradition.

In this post you can enjoy some pictures. In the next one I will tell you some tips how to get the attention from the artists . You are not the only photographer there hmm that is an understatement. You are one of the 3000+ photographers there.That is why I will tell you also some places where the regular tourist don’t go and as allways are this the best place.

How did I found them ? Walk-walk-walk and being lucky to meet a journalist that was leaving the next day and getting his press-pass. I can tell you that stupid card opens a lot of doors.