Sometimes you have to

Slightly change style
Slightly pushing the client a bit more into my vision.
How? Just do it.
A weddingcouple and 3 children was the perfect test for my new goal. They just wanted very spontaneous shots but hey! don’t they all just want “just some spontaneous” shots?

I like couples with children a lot . One or 2 is great. 3 is really difficult . There is always one doing what you just don’t want and of course one of the parents is looking at the little rebel.There is really nothing you can do about this and parents know. It makes the picture even more a real family pic although there are taking a pose for you.

When I saw the brides really beautifull classic styled dress and veil ,I just knew that this was the day I had to push a little bit to give them that shot and get out of my and ther comfort zone.
Underneath 4 almost out of camera sample shots.

A 100% posed picture but hell did she loved this shot. Showing the firt picture I shot was enough to get a free card for another minute.Is it perfectly what I had in mind ? No. I would loved to have less depth of field and some other things.

Will I shoot it again ? YES . Although it is a very classic shot.In my opinion it is to beautiful for not shooting it.

The central station of Antwerp. Beautiful place .Pity enough traffic was not working with us nor the children. This was a non posed shot. I just stopped the groom walking up the stairs.By doing this I knew she would look over.(they are married now you know 😉  )

I love it when a plans comes together.

Remember the children issue ? There is always one just doing what you don’t want ? the living proof below 🙂

So here another 2 shots of a totally not my style out of comfort zone shot (pose wise or technical wise) but I did like it, and still do so…. lets go on this path a little more and see what we can get out of it

Feel free to comment. Negative and positive.