A new life is born , Het doopsel van Jasper

I have a golden rule. Never work for friends and family. In the end you always regret it. The money you ask is always to much and what you deliver is never enough.
But hey, the rule of rules is to break the rule no ?
Even worse I broke two rules.The second one was : Never work for free.

So why did I do it? They wouldn’t have hired a photographer otherwise, they didn’t asked me to do it ,but I wanted to do it as a present from me to them and hey I have to be honest. It was maybe nice to have it in my portfolio.
So ,some time ago it was time to christening the little one.It was in a little chapel. (little as in, just enough space to squeeze in  10 people and a photographer.)

I like the result and they did too especially when they are printed.Below a small selection of the one i like the most.